Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No On Prop 8

James F. Elliott has blogged an eloquent exposition on the reasons for voting "no" on California's Proposition 8 (an amendment to the state constitution that would ban - currently legal - gay marriage). My comments below.

I've witnessed a real coming together in my suburban neighborhood these past few weeks. Men who may have not so much as waved to one another in passing, now cross the street to lean on pickup truck tailgates and engage each other in conversation, prompted by the sight of identical signs piercing the soil in their respective front yards.

The brotherly bonding of Bigot Buddies has come to my very own street. A street that only yesterday received its first No On 8 sign, which was pulled back in front of the cars in my neighbor's driveway last evening, where it seemed to cower under the gaze of the many menacing Yes On 8 yard displays that stand proudly, fearlessly in their original positions, day or night.

Beyond clapping a hand over one's mouth, as I do when out jogging or driving to work, does anyone know of an effective treatment for a sudden, severe case of yard sign triggered Tourettes?

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